Trendpac was established in 1963 and is a 100 percent Australian family owned business – celebrating its 50th anniversary it is a continually growing business.

Trendpac offers a full range of manufacturing, packaging and product development services in the following areas;

• Personal care products
• Household cleaning products
• Industrial cleaning products
• Pet care
• Car care
• Plastic moulding and packaging

Trendpac supplies some of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains and leading multi-national publicly listed companies. The plant covers 30 acres and is in operation 24/7 producing batches from 2,000 litres to 10,000 litres. With its own transportation system trucks are continually shipping product to supply their FMCG customers. Given the size of the manufacturing plant and production volumes it is crucial that all supporting systems deliver.


Water is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Without pure water the products would contain harmful bacteria which would impact the quality in countless ways, including shortened shelf life in store, surface contamination from cleaning products and ultimately loss of credibility of both Trendpac and the customers they supply.

Continental Water was invited to tender for the installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with the capacity to treat 120,000 litres per day. The RO system is part of a combined system with the primary function of supplying a continuous feed of treated water aligned with Trendpac’s 24 hour production schedule. An in built self-testing unit regularly tests the water to maintain optimum purity to prevent unwanted contaminates entering the production process.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant


The treated water is directed to a storage tank with a 27,000 litre capacity which can be sent to production at a moment’s notice. Stored water is passed through an ultraviolet system and Ozone Oxidiser to eliminate any bacteria which may have formed while the water was in storage. The water is then released back into the main plant production process.

Trendpac Kinetico filter and ozone generator

Trendpac Kinetico filter and ozone generator


Feedback from Bob Wright, Trendpac, Production Maintenance Manager when asked about the system was positive,

“Continental really delivered, the team know their stuff. We have a monthly service contract with Continental who clean and sanitise the RO systems and make sure all the supporting water applications are functioning as they should.”

In a business that relies on high volumes of RO water our RO system can meet the demands of a 24/7 operation producing high volumes of industrial and residential cleaning product.

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Trendpac Storage tank and UV system

Trendpac Storage tank and UV system