Service Deionisation (SDI) is a key pillar to Continental Water’s business – in fact we introduced the system into Australia 24 years ago.


Sydney Water approached Continental Water 10 years ago with the brief of designing and installing a SDI system to service their water testing laboratories based in North Ryde. On a recent tour of the Sydney Water Laboratories, it became very apparent that without a reliable system there could be a very significant impact to water testing and water quality across Sydney if problems were not identified due to a laboratory water system failure.

DI – 5 tank filter system

DI – 5 tank filter system

Sydney Water – equipment washing

Equipment washing


The Sydney Water SDI system starts in the top level of the building. Located with air conditioning ducts and computer wiring is their five tank system. Various media are housed in each tank with a specific task. Initially, a five micron filter removes suspended solids; once the water passes through this it then goes to an activated carbon tank which removes chlorine before it goes to a single bed and then into mixed bed media tank containing DI resin which removes the final impurities in the water to generate Type II water.

The tanks generate 40,000 litres of water prior to replacement tanks being installed by one of our NSW Service Technicians. However, water quality is tested by an in built monitor after tank five. If water quality should fall below standard, an alarm activates in the laboratories down stairs to alert staff who can then make a call to organise a Service Technician to make a same day call.


Charlie Pierce, Laboratory Manager, Analytical Services told us on our tour

“the beauty of the system is that back up water is stored in a 2,500 litre tank with a polishing system to maintain Type II water in specific labs. The drinking water schedule is not impacted prior to a service call as we have this back up water until the Service Technician arrives. And trust me, we know when there is a problem with the system as the alarm is loud!”

The high purity labs are equipped with Siemens Water Polishers so that any requirement of their rigorous and demanding drinking water schedule is met with the Continental Water combined system from washing equipment to micro testing.

The greatest benefit that Charlie was keen to reinforce is that the Service Technicians and Administration Support “are always there within hours of a service call being made” and always have a solution to resolve any production issues so that Sydney Water’s schedule is not impacted.

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Continental Water alarm for Sydney Water

Alarm in the laboratory