Product Code: SP-Eco-Touch

Pos Code Description
1 Lid Lock Nuts Lid Lock Nut Speck Super 90, 43 Series & Eco Touch VS
2 Lid Plates Lid Plate Super 90, 43 Series & Eco Touch VS
2 Lid Plate LED Lid Plate LED Super 90 & Eco Touch VS
3 O-Lid 90/43 0-Ring Speck 90 & 43 Series Lid 137mm x 5mm
4 Basket-90 Basket Speck 90 & Eco Touch VS
4 Basket LED Basket LED Super 90 & Eco Touch VS
5 Casing Super 90 Casing Speck Super 90 Series
6 O-Diffuser-90 O-Ring Speck 90 & 43 Series 90mm x 5mm
7 PDPPDIF090 Diffuser insert BADU 90
8 PDPPIMP016 Impeller Porpoise 16mm-112mm
9 Seal-14mm 14mm Speck Mechanical Seal
10 O-Gland-90 O-Ring Speck 90 Series Gland 190mm x 5mm
11 Gland/H-90 Gland Speck Housing 90 Series
12 Flange-90 Flange Speck 90 Series
13 Washer-F-M6 Flat Washer M6
14 Bolt-M6X60 Metric Hex Head 6 x 60mm
15 Nut-M6 Nut-M6 Bolts
16 PDPPBEMVS Motor Speck Variable VS with Plug On/Off Socket
17A Union-L/N-40 Union Lock Nut 90 & Magic Series 40mm
17B Union-T-40 Union Tail 90 & Magic Series 40mm
17C O-Union-40 O-ring 90 & Magic Series 50 x 3mm
18 Rubber insert Rubber Buffer 10mm x 10mm x 27mm
19 Stud Stand Foot/Stud
20 Splash Ring Splash Ring
21 Drain/C-Magic Drain Cap 3/8" Speck Magic
22A Union-L/N-50 Union Lock Nut Speck 50mm
22B Union-T-50 Union Tail Speck 50mm
22C O-Union-50 O-ring Speck 50mm Union 68 x 3.5mm
23 Bolt-M8x25 Flange Bolt Speck M8 x 25mm
24 Washer-F-M8 Flat Washer M8


All Speck pumps come with a huge range of spare parts to keep your pump in peak condition and to ensure your pool is pristine.


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